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Have confidence with commercial software development expertise dating from the 1980s through to now. The team has the guidance to follow projects through to the highest possible standards.

Quality costs but cutting corners is a false economy in the long run.

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General software development

There is not much that we haven't done from embedded systems to mainframes. No matter what, we can suport development processes along.


Data science

Statistics plus data analysis equals deep insights into productivity and competitive advantages. It is that simple. Contact us.


Accessibility audit: Avoid massive lawsuits

Do what is morally right. Assist the least supported users and capture market share and protect from lawsuits. Get audited for vision impaired and hearing impaired users before legal letters arrive. Use technologies such as Apple's Voice Over and Android's Talk Back.


App performance monitoring and analysis

Do a deep dive on how your users use the app, where they originate, what language they speak using Flurry Analytics, Omniture, Firebase or other offerings.


Extend your reach with language translation and boost revenues

Through a careful app usage analysis pinpointing users in one country and a small initial outlay in one case resulted within one month a 500% return on investment of translation services.


App modernization

Modernize apps with the latest techniques including MVVM RxAndroid and Live Data. Take apps from Objective-C to Swift and from Java to Kotlin. PymbleSoftware is a sponsor of . Support modern features like dark mode.


Security Analysis and penetration testing

Secure your data with us. Lawsuits and customer goodwill are too great of a risk.


App development
Some previous projects include:

Kordia KST

End to end development

  • Web services supporting mobile apps
  • Internet of Things


Business Systems

  • SAP ™
  • Salesforce ™
  • Xero ™
  • MYOB ™
  • QuickBooks ™

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